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Cloud-Based Solution
for Managing Patient Nutrition
in Healthcare Facilities

Cloud-Based Solution
For Managing Patient Nutrition In Healthcare Facilities

Advanced food service software built for hospitals.

Reliable, easy to use software is a major
part of of your healthcare team

With rising operational costs, staffing shortages we know that the need for easy to use, reliable software is so important to keeping your patients well cared for and your staff supported.

Our technology improves patient satisfaction and safety.

Has such a simple user interface, training is easy and mistakes become minimal

Secure API Integration and connectivity to various EMR, EHR
and POS systems

Creates a safe and healthy
in-hospital dining experience for patients - where there’s no room for error

Gain insights into operations with advanced reporting

Manage patient dietary needs

Cloud-based solution for simple deployment

Optimized food service programs for better patient experience and happier staff.

Robust And Versatile

Built with the benefits of years of industry experience HealthTouch® is robust and versatile. Our technologies are used by healthcare facilities small and large, from community hospitals to large hospital systems with multiple locations.

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What our customers are saying?

The team at HealthTouch has a vested interest in our hospital business. They can truly customize to our needs. A real partner.
The ease of accessing reports has a direct tie to being able to gain trust with our
The tech works so well because operators and technicians can use it so easily.