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Find Out What Our Clients
Are Saying About HealthTouch®

We value customer feedback to drive features and exceed customer service expectations. Our success means that you are successful.

HealthTouch® Reviews

It's very easy to navigate, really without any training on how to do certain things. I could easily get in there and figure everything I wanted to do on my own.

I personally find HealthTouch® to be much more user friendly than their competitors, that I've used at past jobs. So much of our work is digital now and with HealthTouch® it's so intuitive. I always know what to do next.

The team at HealthTouch® has a vested interest in our hospital business. They can truly customize to our needs. A real partner.

The tech team at HealthTouch® is so experienced and helpful. They really know what is going on with their software. That is what makes them so great to work with.

HealthTouch® does a great job of guiding the food ordering process, giving patients control over their food services, allowing them to manage their own diets and preferences.

Our Promise

We strive to be the best solution for the healthcare environment we serve. We always strive to better understand the ever-changing needs, goals and priorities of the industry in order to fully support the staff involved in making an exceptional patient experience.  From Dietitians to Clinical Nutrition Managers and Food Service Directors, we’ll continue to offer our support in service and technology to help foster your successes.

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