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Food Service Tech for a Better, Safer
Patient Experience, and Happier Staff

Built with the benefit of years of industry experience, our cloud-based HealthTouch® software solution is robust and versatile. Our technology is used by a wide range of healthcare facilities at any scale, from independent community hospitals to corporate multi-facility systems.

User-friendly interface

Ease of use is critical to creating effective functionality that works in busy healthcare environments. Our priority has always been to build an intuitive interface that a variety of user types can use with little to no training. This way, users can focus on exceptional patient service.

Cloud-based solution

Our food service software lives in the cloud for easier access, reduced IT costs, more flexibility, and improved collaboration. Users can easily access all of the features and functionality of HealthTouch without having to keep that on their own computers. The cloud stores the information, taking the burden away from IT departments.

Nutrition management operations

Using HealthTouch®, it is simple to see the following to ensure the smooth flow of nutrition management:

      • Review of logistics

      • Productivity

      • Tray Tracking

      • Speed of Delivery

      • Reporting


Patient satisfaction

Patients receive their meals quicker and more accurately with the right software in place.
Patient satisfaction scores increased in hospitals with HealthTouch®.

Patient safety

The right food treatment is so critical to a patient's well-being. Allergens and medical
conditions play a major role in the right nutrition plan specific to the patient.
With pre-programmed medically approved menus, staff feels confident that
patients' needs are being met. There’s no room for error when it
comes to patient safety.

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What are customers saying?

The team at HealthTouch has a vested interest in our hospital business. They can truly customize to our needs. A real partner.
The ease of accessing reports has a direct tie to being able to gain trust with our
The tech works so well because operators and technicians can use it so easily.