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Leading Provider of Nutrition Management In Healthcare Facilities For Over 20 Years

We developed our cloud-based software to more effectively and safely
manage food service operations in healthcare facilities.


It is our mission to create a seamless experience so that operators and clinicians can easily use the software.

Tech Partnership

Communication is critical. We rely on customer feedback to help drive features. Our success means that you are successful.

Fueling Patients with Nutrition

Medical diagnoses can change multiple times during a patient's stay. We empower staff to make instant changes without worrying that food services won't keep up.

Patient Safety & Satisfaction

Ensure patients are receiving their meals specific to their medical condition - and in a more time efficient manner.

When every minute matters.
Our software helps your
staff manage food selection
and delivery.

Let's take a closer look.

Meal Ordering

Managing patients’ meals can be a demanding undertaking for healthcare staff. Ensuring that diets and allergies are driving patient meal selections is key to creating a safe and healthy experience. With our meal ordering functionality, staff can easily and intuitively see appropriate menu options so that they can focus on their customer interactions.


Getting bogged down in data is a constant challenge especially for busy healthcare staff members. Our customizable dashboard configures just the key information briefly and immediately. This can help quickly highlight any problem areas for fast responses. It also keeps executives informed of what is happening regularly to guide operational decisions and management.


Using data to drive critical decisions helps on so many levels especially when planning, forecasting, budgeting, allocating resources and ordering supplies. Whether printed or digital reports are preferred, our automated reporting functionality compiles key information and shares that effectively with others.

Customer Center

Immediate access to patient data is essential so that healthcare staff can treat their patients most effectively and safely. Whether staff members are looking to access a patient’s order and meal history, that information is available and accessible in our customer center.

Additional Features

Rather than relying on a whiteboard in the office to mark limited or out of stock items, automatically keep track of these items with HealthTouch®

Each facility can have their own screens and items listed. Users from one facility will not be able to see patients from other facilities unless specific permission is given.

Zones are used by  hospitals when they wish to send all meal orders at the same time every day for specific units or rooms that are commonly grouped together.

Supplement ordering is fully automated between healthcare facilities’ EMS sending interface and HealthTouch. Supplements will be ordered automatically without operator intervention and set to print with the patients Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meal orders. The HealthTouch application fully respects supplement type, supplement flavor and supplement frequency. Once this order is discontinued by the sending interface, it will be removed from HealthTouch®.

Tube Feed orders can easily be sent from the Hospital EMS Interface and ordered automatically in HealthTouch®. HealthTouch® will calculate ml per hour of the product and print a ticket at a specified time without any operator interaction; this process is automated. The orders can then be collected and brought to Tube Feed patients on a recurring basis.

This feature allows you to view all “held orders” in one place.

This feature gives the ability to filter patient rooms based on specific criterion. Users can search for patients by Units, Diets, Patient Status, Meal Status – or a combination of these parameters.

Patients (or family members) can easily order meals through their own iPhone or Android phone as well as through their personal Apple or Android tablet. Items displayed in the HealthTouch App will only present food items to the patient that are appropriate for them according to their Diet and Allergies.

Print a menu with only the items a patient can eat.  Some patients prefer to review a printed paper menu, our application enables simple print functionality that accounts for a patient’s dietary plan. The printed menu will account for any special allergies or diets and only display the items that are available to order.

Healthcare staff often manage multiple applications and smooth integrations build a much more seamless experience. Our application interacts real time with healthcare facilities HIS interface system so that data entered in hospital systems will display immediately in HealthTouch®. This includes patient demographics, allergies, diet orders, tube feed orders, supplement orders, isolation orders and any other relevant information needed by the Food & Nutrition department.

Patient guests can order meals at the same time as patients so that they can eat together making a more meaningful visit. The guest meal order will factor in any allergies or diet restrictions when ordering.

Setting the likes and dislikes for a patient is extremely easy to input. Once set, this information is available for current and all subsequent hospital stays. When ordering for a patient, their preferences are displayed on the patient ordering screens to help healthcare staff suggest alternatives.

When patients are kept in the loop, they feel more confident with the overall care they receive. Accessing real-time tracking of patients’ food serves a vital role in patient-staff communication and increases patient satisfaction scores. Our tray tracking functionality tracks the full lifecycle from meal order, through preparation and delivery. This leaves both staff and patients more informed about mealtimes.

Tracking calories can be an important part of a patient’s treatment plan. The calorie count feature provides robust tracking. This includes the ability to only reflect the parts of the meal that the patient ate. This detailed nutrition information contributes to the complete overview of a patient’s health.

Patients who are unable to order their own food by themselves or with assistance can have the HealthTouch system generate an automatic meal that will give them a complete meal according to their diets and allergies. A patient with automatic meals does not need any intervention from the dietary staff to place their orders.

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The team at HealthTouch has a vested interest in our hospital business. They can truly customize to our needs. A real partner.
The ease of accessing reports has a direct tie to being able to gain trust with our
The tech works so well because operators and technicians can use it so easily.